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10 Grimace Crochet Patterns to Celebrate His Birthday

In case you haven’t heard, it’s Grimace’s birthday. This purple Gemini is out here celebrating with a bright purple shake and a weird social media trend. We couldn’t be more proud. So, some Grimace crochet patterns are in order.

While it’s unclear exactly who or what Grimace is, we do know that he loves milkshakes and is Ronald McDonald’s bestie. Is he really a sentient tastebud? We’ll never know.

If you’re like us (unhinged), you may want to get in the celebratory spirit and commemorate this fake entity’s birthday.

Here are 10 Grimace-adjacent crochet patterns to get into the birthday spirit.

Happy birthday, Grimace!

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Crochet Grimace Purple Guy by FatLadyCrochet

grimace crochet patterns
Image courtesy of FatLadyCrochet on Etsy

If you want to get really literal, here’s a crochet pattern to make your own Grimace plushie. This is one of the best crochet patterns we’ve seen for the Grimace character. Etsy reviews say that this Grimace crochet pattern is easy to follow and comprehensive.

Giant No-Sew Burger by CuriousPapaya

grimace crochet patterns burger
Image courtesy of CuriousPapaya on Etsy

Okay, we need this giant no-sew crochet burger pattern like, yesterday. Not even Grimace could resist this fluffy, huggable crochet cheeseburger. Plus, that red nose is giving Ronald McDonald vibes.

The PDF pattern provides a full list of materials and comprehensive instructions.

Burger Snail Crochet Pattern by Stuffing Stuff

grimace crochet patterns burger snail
Image courtesy of Stuffing Stuff on Etsy

This adorably creative crochet pattern gives you all the steps you need to make a burger snail. Grimace and his Mcdonald’s friends love a good burger, so what better way to celebrate his b-day than with a juicy cheeseburger?

Eye Scream Crochet Keychain by FayniToys

grimace crochet patterns eye scream keychain
Image courtesy of FayniToys on Etsy

McDonald’s tries to market Grimace as a lovable, huggable guy. But…there’s something slightly creepy about his vibe. Maybe it’s the fact that his name is “Grimace.” Whatever the reason, it’s best to just embrace it.

This “Eye Scream” crochet pattern will help you make a creep-tastic ice cream keychain that Grimace would be proud of.

The Hamburglar Plushie by HeyCanYouCrochetMeA

grimace hamburglar crochet patterns
Image courtesy of HeyCanYouCrochetMeA on Etsy

If you know anything about Grimace, you know that he is an original McDonald’s character alongside the infamous Hamburglar. In fact, Grimace originally debuted as “Evil Grimace.” Like the Hamburglar, he would steal milkshakes from honest McDonald’s customers. Rude.

In honor of Grimace’s vaguely rebellious roots, here’s a detailed crochet pattern to make your own Hamburglar doll.

Burger and Coca-Cola in a Glass by ToysMetlinaElena

burger and coca cola crochet pattern
Image courtesy of ToysMetlinaElena on Etsy

Burger crochet patterns are a dime a dozen these days, but this one looks really unique. We love the realistic ice-cube pattern on the crochet soda! If you don’t feel like ordering a real-life Grimace Birthday Meal, you can make a fake one with this burger and Coca-Cola pattern.

Matcha Parfait by AmigurumiFood

grimace crochet patterns matcha parfait
Image courtesy of AmigurumiFood on Etsy

Grimace is obsessed with milkshakes, but we think he’d also be into this matcha parfait crochet pattern. It’s colorful, it’s sweet– what’s not to love? If you make one in purple, you can have your own unique version of the Grimace Birthday Shake all year round.

Backless Sweetie Top by MermaidsYarns

grimace crochet patterns backless top
Image courtesy of MermaidsYarns

This top is a cute homage to Grimace. The poofy sleeves of this Backless Sweetie Top are reminiscent of Grimace’s round and plush figure. Instead of dressing like Grimace, you can channel his energy by making a purple version of this backless crochet top. It’s so cute!

HER Matching Set by Crochetreat

grimace crochet patterns matching set
Image courtesy of Crochetreat on Etsy

We’re absolutely obsessed with this crochet matching set by crochetreat. The wavy pattern and silhouette are very 70s-chic, which is when Grimace made his groovy debut. You can make it in dark purple to channel your inner Grimace or simply make a matching set in your favorite color.

The pattern is friendly for advanced beginners and contains photos and videos to help you along the way.

Wavy Colorblock Sweater by MadeInTheMomentShop

grimace crochet patterns wavy sweater
Image courtesy of MadeInTheMomentShop on Etsy

You’ve no doubt seen this crochet sweater on Pinterest and TikTok. This adorable sweater captures the fun-loving, creative energy of Grimace that we’ve come to know and appreciate. Whip up this wavy colorblock sweater, grab yourself a Grimace Birthday Shake, and you’re basically set for life.

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