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Are You a Barbie Girl? 15 Barbiecore Crochet Patterns You Absolutely Need

The new Barbie movie starring Margot Robbie, Ryan Gosling, and Issa Rae comes out this summer, and we’re just as obsessed as everyone else. 

Barbie premieres the same weekend that Oppenheimer, another highly-anticipated blockbuster, hits screens. While many are leaning into the whole Barbenheimer aesthetic as a mood, we’re going all in with a celebration of all things pink and fem. 

Do we think about dying? Every day! But what better way to stave off existential dread than starting a new crochet project

Here are our favorite Barbiecore crochet patterns that we can’t wait to try out. 

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Baddie Barbie Bag by HandsofZeal

barbiecore crochet patterns baddie bag
Image courtesy of HandsofZeal

Barbie in the real world? That’s impossible. 

But not if you make yourself this Baddie Barbie Bag by HandsofZeal on Etsy. This tapestry crochet bag is done in the classic tradition of the Barbie font and logo, along with the classic Barbie silhouette on the other side. It doesn’t get more Barbiecore than that. 


Strawberry Crochet Cardigan Pattern by Lindseyboutiquee

crochet strawberry cardigan by lindseyboutiquee
Image courtesy of Lindseyboutiquee

Okay. Raise your hand if you’re obsessed with this strawberry crochet cardigan! Yeah, we are too. This amazing chunky cardi can be all yours when you buy Lindseyboutiquee’s crochet pattern. 

The tactile strawberry appliques make it look like a human version of a Barbie outfit, and we need to add it to our wardrobe ASAP. The cardigan is made with chunky yarn, so it works up pretty quickly. This is a Barbiecore crochet pattern that can’t be missed. 


Sweetheart Top Crochet Pattern by MadebyMollycrochet

madebymollycrochet top
Image courtesy of MadebyMollyCrochet

We’re O-B-S-E-S-S-E-D with this colorful, bright crochet halter top by MadebyMollycrochet. It’s perfect for summers in the city, a day at the beach, or an afternoon spent sitting in a dark theater watching the Barbie movie. 

Please note that this pattern is written with UK terminology. 


The Julianna Dress by IWillCrochet

barbiecore crochet patterns julianna dress
Image courtesy of IWillCrochet

The classic silhouette of The Julianna Dress by IWillCrochet absolutely screams “Barbie.” The criss-cross ties in the back add a modern touch to this classic A-line mini dress, and we’re in love. 

This pattern uses basic crochet stitches and is accessible for “intermediate-beginner crocheters.” It’s a bestseller on Etsy, so snag a copy of the pattern to channel your inner Barbie glam. 


Bell Sleeve Top Pattern by SashaDotCom

bell sleeve crochet top
Image courtesy of SashaDotCom

These crochet shrug tops that have been trending are taking us back to the early aughts, and we’re not mad about it. 

This fantastic purple bell sleeve top pattern brings the drama with its extra-flowy sleeves and retro silhouette. We can picture Barbie wearing a look like this à la Paris Hilton in The Simple Life. 

Please note that this pattern fits a small/medium, per their Etsy description. 


Florette Flares by Crochetwithalanna

florette crochet flares
Image courtesy of Crochetwithalanna

Okay, hear us out. These Florette Flares + the bell sleeve top listed above = the most iconic Barbiecore outfit ever. Maybe? Probably. 

Make these amazing crochet flares with pink and white yarn for the ultimate Barbie aesthetic, or get creative with a color scheme of your choice. This pattern is size inclusive and made to measure. 


Blondie Western Pattern by Hi Sheep

barbiecore crochet patterns amigurumi barbie
Image courtesy of HiSheepOk

If amigurumi is more your speed and style, here’s a super cute Blondie Western crochet pattern by HiSheepOk. 

This pattern gives you step-by-step instructions for how to crochet your own amigurumi version of Margot Robbie as Western Barbie. We mean that in the least creepy way possible. 


Easy Summer Top by StayCreating

crochet halter top barbie patterns
Image courtesy of StayCreating

Modern-day Barbie would absolutely hop on the crochet clothing trend. That’s why this easy summer top by StayCreating is so perfect. 

Inspired by time spent on the beach in Costa Rica, this classic halter top features gorgeous stitches and a flattering cut. According to the description, it’s great for advanced beginners. 


Christine Shoulder Bag Crochet Pattern by crochemily

crochet shoulder bag with flowers
Image courtesy of crochemily

This sweet baguette-style shoulder bag is named after the artist’s grandmother. The pattern features a gingham pattern and some fabulous cottagecore flowers. 

Create the Christine shoulder bag in pink for a cozy Barbie aesthetic, or add extra ruffles along the edges if you feel so inclined. 


Ellie Crochet Top by ShopDaisyAndDime

ellie crochet top pattern
Image courtesy of ShopDaisyAndDime

This crochet top is a bit more subtle than the other Barbiecore crochet patterns we’re seeing out there, but we think it perfectly captures the femininity that Barbie embodies. 

The Ellie crochet top by ShopDaisyAndDime is adjustable and reversible with two different neckline options and adaptive sizing. The puff sleeves add the perfect touch of cottagecore. If we could wear this every day, we would.  


Oh Look Another Bucket Hat Crochet Pattern by JaneHShop

barbiecore bucket hat crochet
Image courtesy of JaneHShop

This artist is most likely being self-effacing with the name of their crochet bucket hat pattern, but we’re giving credit where credit is due. JaneHShop knows how to craft the perfect Barbiecore bucket hat. 

First off, is there any color combo more attuned to Barbie’s aesthetic than pink and orange? Absolutely not. Secondly, this crochet pattern is highly rated, with crocheters saying it’s easy to follow and works up quickly. 


Crochet Pansy Tote Mini Pattern by skumpstitch

pansy crochet tote bag pattern
Image courtesy of skumpstitch

Another day, another crochet tote pattern. We can’t help ourselves! This mini crochet pansy tote by skumpstitch is pink and pretty, just as it should be. 

This PDF pattern is recommended for intermediate crocheters, and you can change out the colors if it’s too much pink for your taste. (But if it is…why are you here?)

There’s also a large version of the tote bag if you’re interested!


Baphomet Amigurumi Plush Toy by CuteCrochetByLee

baphomet crochet plushie pattern
Image courtesy of CuteCrochetByLee

Oh look, it’s everyone’s favorite deity, Baphomet. Hi Baphomet!

What does this Baphomet plushie pattern have to do with Barbie? Nothing, really (at least as far as we know), but you can make a plushie version of the idol in shades of pink and purple for maximum cuteness.

We think Barbie would invite this squishable Baphomet to her Dreamhouse pool party. Therefore, we count this one among the best of the Barbiecore crochet patterns. 


Lina Top Pattern by Ernili

barbiecore crochet patterns lina top
Image courtesy of Ernili

We’re obsessed with how cute and delicate this crochet top is. The Lina Top crochet pattern by Ernili is great for beginners who want to dip their toes into the world of crochet clothing. 

The best part about this Barbiecore crochet pattern? The Lina Top is made to measure and size-inclusive. 


Flower Power Crochet Hooks by shopakcrochets

flower power crochet hooks etsy
Image courtesy of shopakcrochets

While shopping for Barbiecore crochet patterns, we saw these adorable Flower Power crochet hooks and couldn’t resist. So, here’s a bonus entry!

Each ergonomic crochet hook comes with a made-to-order polymer clay handle that will save your crochet hand many hours of stress and pain. 

Plus, it reminds us of the happy optimism we felt as kids when playing with our Barbies. We may never get that naive feeling of happiness back, but we can at least have a fucking adorable crochet hook. 


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