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Get Cozy with These 10 Easy Crochet Throw Patterns

There’s nothing like cozying up on the couch with a new crochet project. The fireplace is crackling, your warm drink is steaming on the coffee table, and your yarn is surrounding you in its cozy warmth. Sounds perfect, right?

If you’re looking for a new crochet throw pattern to add to your WIP pile, you’ve probably spent some time looking through Etsy for something special.

But there are literally thousands of crochet throw patterns listed on Etsy. How are you supposed to tell which ones are actually well-written and worthwhile? Reviews certainly help, but it’s always a toss-up.

We’ve searched through pages of Etsy listings to find our favorite easy crochet throw patterns for you to try. We’ve based our selection on positive shop reviews, the uniqueness of the pattern, and the easiness of the stitches.

So, get your yarn and crochet hooks ready. Here are our favorite easy crochet throw patterns for your next cozy project.

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1. Purple Mountains Majesty Blanket by Golden Fleece Design

crochet throw pattern
Photo courtesy of Golden Fleece Design

This unique crochet pattern by Golden Fleece Design is a breath of fresh air. This cozy crochet pattern takes the traditional granny square blanket and modernizes it with its geometric design and minimalist sensibility.

It may look intimidating, but it’s just a collection of differently-colored, classic granny squares arranged in a super neat pattern. The blanket you can complete with this pattern is definitely a conversation starter for any room in your home.

Golden Fleece designates this pattern as “Easy.” Knowledge of basic crochet stitches and pattern reading is recommended.

Get the Purple Mountains Majesty blanket on Etsy.

2. Cozy Days Daisy Crochet Throw Pattern by All About Ami

easy crochet throw blanket
Photo courtesy of All About Ami

This simple-yet-chic crochet blanket pattern features adorable daisies against a solid color background. It’s a fun pattern to work in the round and works up quickly with its repetitive nature.

The daisy granny square pattern is great for beginners, and All About Ami even has a YouTube tutorial to help you out if needed. The best part? You can technically make this crochet throw as large or small as you like since it works up in simple squares.

Shop the Cozy Days Daisy Blanket on Etsy.

(Psst…you can also find the pattern for free here!)

3. Basketweave Throw Blanket by Hooked Homemade Happy

basketweave blanket easy crochet pattern
Photo courtesy of Hooked Homemade Happy

This snuggly crochet throw pattern is perfect for cool fall evenings spent cuddled up on the couch. It uses a basketweave stitch that looks complicated but is quite doable for intermediate beginners!

The crochet pattern is worked in one color, making it a perfect pattern to work on while watching TV, listening to podcasts, or chatting with other crafters at your next crochet circle.

Check out the Basketweave Throw Blanket on Etsy.

4. Double Wedding Ring Heirloom Blanket by Jennifer Olivarez

Photo courtesy of Jennifer Olivarez

Wow, wow, wow. This crochet blanket pattern is absolutely stunning. It’s a crochet version of the traditional “double wedding ring” quilt. This gorgeous throw is the perfect project for any crocheter looking for a challenge.

The pattern is “intermediate” and consists of a join-as-you-go motif. It’s not necessarily “easy” by any means, but we couldn’t help but include it because it’s so unique!

Shop the Double Wedding Ring Heirloom Blanket on Etsy.

5. Island Time Blanket by Nauti Krall

Photo courtesy of Nauti Krall

This crochet granny square blanket is so fun and lighthearted. It sounds strange to say that this throw is giving summer and spring vibes, but it’s true!

With this crochet throw pattern, you work up several multi-color sunburst granny squares. The creator behind the pattern recommends wool, but we imagine you can use any type of yarn you have on hand. This pattern is great for beginners. There are also video tutorials included in case you get stuck.

Check out the Island Time Blanket on Etsy.

(Psst…you can also find the pattern for free here!)

6. Rocky Pines Throw by Sweet Pea and Sparrow

Photo courtesy of Sweet Pea and Sparrow

This crochet throw screams “autumn,” right? Everything from the colors to the fun zig-zag pattern looks like this blanket belongs in a cabin up in the mountains.

The creator of this crochet throw pattern recommends it for advanced beginners. It’s a great project that is easy to adjust in size, color, and yarn type. Work this one up for a holiday gift, baby blanket, or any other special gift.

Get the Rocky Pines Throw on Etsy.

7. Bobbles Galore Blanket by Little Duck Crochet

easy bobbles crochet throw pattern
Photo courtesy of Little Duck Crochet

If you love bobble stitch, this blanket is for you. This easy-to-follow crochet throw pattern features a fun zig-zag pattern chock full of bobbles. It’s a wonderfully textured blanket that is perfect as a baby blanket or as a gift…for yourself.

The pattern is available in UK and US terms. This crochet pattern is easy to adjust to your personal style because you can follow the exact colors recommended or choose any other color combination you wish.

Get the Bobbles Galore Blanket on Etsy.

8. A Spicier Life Crochet Throw Pattern by Cherry Heart Shop

crochet throw pattern spicier life blanket
Photo courtesy of Cherry Heart Shop

If you’re like us, you can’t resist a crochet project that involves a ton of different stitches. It’s just too much fun! The Spicier Life crochet throw pattern is perfect for all of us crochet nerds because it includes a ton of different stitches and color changes.

This crochet throw pattern is great for beginner and intermediate crocheters. Working through this project helps build crochet confidence because you get plenty of practice with a variety of different stitches. Think of it like a sampler pack in blanket form.

Get the A Spicer Life Blanket on Etsy.

You can also buy yarn pack kits for this pattern via Black Sheep Wools!

9. Quiet Ripple Lapghan by Only As Brave

quiet ripple crochet throw pattern

This crochet throw blanket is elegant, chic, and timeless. The simple wave pattern adds a touch of classy to any cozy couch set-up. Plus, it’s an easy pattern to follow if you need a fast, last-minute gift for someone special.

According to the Only As Brave shop, this pattern is for confident beginners. The wave pattern works up quickly and will leave you feeling quite accomplished once it’s done.

Check out the Quiet Ripple Lapghan pattern on Etsy.

10. Baby Rainbow Crochet Throw Pattern by Rainbows for Hope

baby rainbow blanket etsy pattern
Photo courtesy of Rainbows for Hope

How freakin cute is this baby rainbow blanket? We love this crochet throw pattern because it features a different shape other than a plain old rectangle. Plus, it’s way easier to make this curved blanket than it may seem.

This pattern works up very quickly. It uses chunky yarn and is only 18 rows, according to the listing! It’s perfect for a last-minute baby shower gift. Heck, you can even make this for yourself. Who says rainbows are only for newborns?

Get the Baby Rainbow Blanket pattern on Etsy.

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