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Free Pattern Friday: Crochet Daisy

Keep reading to learn how to make an easy crochet daisy!

It’s (once again) been a while since we stopped by our blog to share a new pattern. We hope everyone has been staying safe and healthy amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s been a weird, stressful, and often depressing time. Finding inspiration and creative energy has been hard for both of us. It comes in starts and spurts; one day will feel hopeful, full of energy, and “not that bad,” while the very next day, it’s hard to get the motivation to even walk the dog because our country is trash and everything is dust.

ANYWAYS, we wanted to share some simple flower patterns with you during these next few weeks. The sun is coming out, and summer is approaching in the Northern Hemisphere, so some cheerful patterns seem to be in order. This crochet daisy pattern is recommended for people with basic crochet experience.

Our free crochet leaf pattern also looks great with this crochet daisy.

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+ I/5.5mm hook
+ White yarn (worsted weight)
+ Yellow yarn (worsted weight)
+ Tapestry needle

Abbreviations (U.S. terms)

Ch: chain
SC: single crochet
TR: triple crochet
sl st: slip stitch
st(s): stitch(es)



  1. With yellow yarn, create a magic circle and SC 6 (6 sts)
  2. Pull the magic circle closed, but don’t pull it super-tight (see first photo below). Slip stitch into first stitch in round and ch 1
  3. SC 9 into the center of the magic circle to create a poofy yellow center and sl st into first st in round (9 sts)
  4. Break off yarn, pull circle closed with the magic circle loose end, and weave in ends.


  1. Insert hook into any of the stitches in the yellow base and join in white yarn
  2. Ch 4
  3. TR 1 into same st where you joined
  4. Ch 4 and sl st in next st
  5. [Continue this pattern all the way around the yellow base 8 more times- until you have 9 petals] Once you reach the last petal, ch 4, sl st in next st, break off, and weave in ends. Now you have a crochet daisy!
crochet daisy complete
Repeat 8 more times; 9 petals total

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