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What I Made: The Kaunokki Blanket by Molla Mills

I have never ordered a crochet pattern book online.

I’ve ordered individual patterns, sure, but a full-on book? That seems like too much of a risk. What if I only like one pattern? What did I spend all of that money for?

Although I have an aversion to ordering crochet pattern books online, I definitely don’t have any hesitation about buying one in person. You get a chance to flip through the pages, scope out the patterns, and decide if the book will occupy your WIP line-up for months or years to come.

Well, I’m here to tell you something. If you’ve ever had doubts (like me) about ordering a whole crochet pattern book, don’t hesitate when it comes to Crochet Crush by Molla Mills.

My well-worn copy of Crochet Crush by Molla Mills

I found this pattern book while perusing Fancy Tiger Crafts in Denver. I immediately fell in love with all of the designs in this book.

Of course, I had to buy it. It wasn’t even available online when I bought it!

Samia Yarn from Knit Picks

Who is Molla Mills?

Molla Mills is a Finnish crochet designer known for her modern patterns that have a retro feel to them.

Crochet Crush came out a few years ago and is jam-packed with practical yet adorable crochet patterns full of flowers, smiley faces, and geometric designs. In this book, you can make everything from a smiley face tote bag to a sun visor. All of the patterns are graph crochet, so it’s an excellent way to learn or perfect your graph crochet skills.

Crochet Crush is far from Molla Mills’ first publication. She’s a prolific and talented designer who has published several other books, including her recent Garbage Can Can.

Needless to say, I am obsessed with Molla Mills and her creative designs.

The Kaunokki Blanket Process

Enter: Molla Mills’ Kaunokki pattern. I have already worked through several of the patterns in Crochet Crush, but I kept putting off the Kaunokki pattern.

It’s a larger-scale graph pattern that just seemed too darn intimidating.

I have been crocheting since 2016, but I didn’t learn how to read a graph pattern until 2023. When I actually sat down and focused on learning how to read this type of pattern, I realized how easy it was!

All this to say, I simply had to get over myself and try to make this adorable floral blanket.

The beginning stages of the blanket

I offered to make this pattern for a friend. The original Kaunokki pattern in Crochet Crush is written for a large-scale rug. I adapted the graph count to accommodate a blanket size.

If my notes serve me correctly, I chained 155, resulting in 154 single crochet stitches as the width of the blanket. I used a 6mm/J hook and Caron One Pound yarn in black and beige (I don’t remember the exact name of the beige yarn since I don’t have the label anymore).

My working notes for the blanket

My process for creating a blanket with a graph pattern is simple. I make a copy of the graph printed in the book, and then I painstakingly cross off every row as I go.

Things sped up after I finished the first motif section, but I wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing any rows. I was meticulous in crossing off rows as I went so I didn’t get confused.

Overall, my Kaunokki blanket took about two months to complete. I worked on it after work and on weekends. If crocheting was my full-time job (I wish!), I would have finished it much faster.

The Final Crochet Project

The thing about me is that I will always veer away from a pattern. I learned how to freehand before I learned how to read patterns, so I think it’s just who I am as a crocheter at this point!

Anyway, after I adapted the original rug pattern into a smaller blanket size, I repeated the floral motif four times. I was going to do five sections, but figured that the four rows of flowers felt like a good size for a lap blanket.

I finished this blanket way past my bedtime on a weeknight. I was so excited that I simply had to snap a photo of the almost-complete project.

The completed blanket!

Now, for the border. I always struggle with crochet borders. I always feel like crochet borders look amazing in photos, but when I do them, they look cheesy.

I eventually settled on a simple scallop pattern in the same beige yarn as the body of the blanket.

Naturally, I had a little photoshoot with my completed project. Here she is, folks:

My pride and joy

This crochet blanket has since been shipped off to my best friend in Nashville, but I’m itching to make another one.

This pattern, along with Molla Mills’ other designs, is so easy to read and work through. It’s available exclusively through the Crochet Crush book, which is now available through Bookshop and Amazon.

The Book

Want to try out Crochet Crush for yourself? I highly recommend buying yourself a copy! Trust me, you won’t regret it!

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